My name is Hansel Porras García. I am an actor, writer and filmmaker.
I was born in Pinar del Río, Cuba, on July 20, 1994.
From the age of eight I began to participate in children's and youth programs on the Provincial Station Radio Guama, where years later I would return to work as an On Air Talent and Actor in a professional approach.
In 2009 I began to study Acting at the National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba, from where I graduated in 2013 with the play El Jardín de los Cerezos (The Cherry Orchard) by Antón Chekhov, directed by Carlos Díaz in the renowned Group Theater El Publico.
In 2014 I began to reside in the United States, where I acquired an Associate degree in TV Production from the Miami Center for Cinematography, Art and TV (CCAT).
During my time as a student, I made several short films such as CASTING starring Alina Robert, and which participated in the Cinemaslam competition at the Miami International Film Festival 2017.
That same year I wrote the short play “En una noche pirata cualquiera se tapa un ojo”, for MicroTheater Miami, which in addition to being considered one of the best of its season, was also represented in MicroTeatro New York, and MiniTeatro Tampa.
My short stories “Roxanne” y “El Viejo que se convirtio en agua” were finalist at the Cuentale tu cuento a la Nota Latina festival, and they both are part of anthologies published by the Festival.
In 2019 I received the First Prize at the Festival Cuentomanía 2019, for my short story “Funeral”. That same year, thanks to this award, I had the opportunity to participate as a guest at the 2019 Miami International Book Fair.
My most recent short film LAS AUSENCIAS was an Official Selection of several international festivals and won the Best Actor award at the Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival 2020.
I am currently Oolite Arts 2021 Cinematic Resident where I am developing my first feature film titled FEBRERO.
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